Meet Dr. Kathryn Lawson

I have had the privilege of working with all individuals along their mental health journey. I specialize in treating healthcare workers who are suffering from trauma, grief, depression, burnout, moral injury, or a combination of symptoms.  You may have a complex trauma history or may have recently suffered a trauma or loss. You may have struggled with depression for years or may now be facing your first episode of depression. Wherever you are in your distress, I can meet you there to continue your progress towards wellness.

I use evidence-based interventions in my practice, exclusively selecting strategies with well-established research support and a robust theoretical foundation. However, I firmly believe that no intervention can achieve its full potential without the presence of a nurturing and compassionate therapeutic relationship. When you choose to work with me, you can expect a collaborative process that integrates your unique experiences to tailor a personalized treatment plan. I am passionate about understanding your symptoms within the context in which they appear rather than focusing on pathologizing them. You can depend on a therapeutic relationship where we will prioritize and celebrate your strengths.


I invite you to contact me today to explore how we can collaborate on your path to wellness.

My Approach

Education & Experience

Dr. Kathryn Lawson is a 2006 graduate of Auburn University with a doctorate in Clinical Psychology. She has spent the majority of her career in direct service provision and clinical administration. 



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